The Boy and Girl Who Broke the World|Amy Reed


Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the free copy!

The Boy and Girl Who Broke the World is a story about love, friendship, family, and choices. Billy Sloat and Lydia Lemon are from the wrong side of different tracks. Their rundown town, a former logging community, is literally falling apart, yet famous for producing a rockstar and being the setting of a YA fantasy series. They are polar opposites, yet develop a wonderful friendship despite the circumstances-or maybe even in spite of them. Through a series of life-changing events and unexpected natural disasters, Billy and Lydia learn that their origins are only a small part of their story. You are not where you come from, you are who you choose to be.

The story is told in short alternating chapters, switching back and forth between Billy and Lydia. These chapters are written so well and so differently from each other that their personalities really shine through. There are a lot of heavy topics covered in a way that is lighthearted and humorous, yet serious and heartbreaking at times. Things do get kind of weird at times and I’m still not quite sure what to make of it, but the surrealism works here. The relationships, character development, and situations are so realistic that the whimsy isn’t an issue. I loved the characters and the writing, though Billy is a little long winded at times. I can already tell I’ll be thinking about this book for a while.

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