These Witches Don’t Burn|Isabel Sterling


I borrowed this one as an e-book from my library using the Libby app. I’d seen all the buzz about it in the Book of the Month groups and wanted to check it out.

I was not disappointed!

Hannah is your typical teenage girl. She’s looking forward to summer bonfires and pool parties with her best friends: graceful Gemma and sweet Benton. She’s trying to move on after a difficult break up with an ex girlfriend who isn’t quite ready to let her go: the tenacious Veronica. She has a cool summer job and a crush on Morgan, the gorgeous new girl. Oh, and Hannah is a witch.

Hannah is an Elemental, descending from a long line of Salem witches. She’s learning to control and expand her magic while keeping it a secret from the Regs – the non witchy people of Salem who cannot know witches exist. Everything is going according to plan…

Until a Witch Hunter comes to town.

No one believes Hannah when she says things are amiss, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to set everything right.

I gave this four stars. I’m kind of picky about my YA. I don’t like whiny characters who do cringe-worthy things nonstop. Seriously, make me roll my eyes once and I am so out of there.

Hannah, however, is a strong, independent girl who (mostly) knows who she is and what she’s all about. Her personality comes across naturally without feeling forced. I found myself nodding along with her often, like “Yeah, Hannah, you go girl. She IS no good for you.” It’s so refreshing to have a female YA main character who isn’t whiny and “poor me” all the time. This chick is a badass, though she doesn’t always realize it.

And this plot, though. There’s a little mystery, a little romance, and a whole lot of witchy drama that kept me turning pages. Even with the twists and turns, everything flowed so well that I never questioned the magic, the coven, or how any of it worked. It just seemed…realistic.

I’m going to need the sequel immediately and this should have been made into a TV series like yesterday. GIMME MORE!

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